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Ongoing Planning & Portfolio Management

Many people have goals; they often need assistance in developing a strategy in which to try and attain those goals. The process of constructing a personal financial plan with the help of an experienced professional can lead to more specific goals and a clearer plan of action. We can create a roadmap for you!

Our financial planning service coordinates our investment management process with clients’ short and long-term objectives, their risk exposures and estate plans.

We work in conjunction with a client’s other advisors, such as legal and tax professionals, to help devise a complete plan with measurable goals and expected outcomes. During this process we review all relevant documents, and then construct planning scenarios that forecast asset value changes.

We use our Balcom Wealth Management System analysis to help illustrate reports for you which outline and track your goals. This analysis includes the following:

  • Building net worth, asset and balance statements, and forecasting changes over time.
  • Cash flow statements and linking those flows to investment management decisions.
  • Retirement planning; accumulation and distribution phases.
  • Education planning; the cost of education, funding and spending analysis.
  • Insurance reports and analysis; long term care, medical, life, and more.
  • Estate calculations, liquidity, and transfer of wealth. Recommending trust or charitable structures to effectively distribute wealth to family or non-profit organizations.
  • Analyzing tax and investment structures to complement investment goals.

As with investment plans, all types of financial plans should be updated periodically or anytime a significant event happens during a client’s lifetime. These events may include the birth or death of a family member, changes in a client’s business structure, the acquisition or loss of assets, such as a primary or secondary residence, or changes in lifetime gifting desires. In many ways, financial planning is risk management in its purest form. We strive to identify and thereby avoid financial threats and personal hazards through careful planning and analysis.

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