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Why We're Different

Points of Distinction

Points of Distinction

We help simplify and consolidate every aspect of your financial plan. You will enjoy numerous benefits in partnering with the Balcom Investments team. Our alliance gives you access to experienced industry professionals to handle your financial needs.

We can help you pursue your goals, giving you confidence in your investments so you can devote time to your family, business and personal endeavors.

Open Architecture

We seek the best solutions for each client, objectively evaluating the most viable investment choices. Our clients’ portfolios are customized to fit their personal objectives and needs.

Independent Boutique

We are an independent firm and we enjoy servicing our clients on a personalized, one-on-one basis. This allows us to get to know our clients in-depth, and we have developed many long-standing client relationships. We are not encumbered by or tied to a traditional Wall Street or insurance company. These types of companies may offer limited solutions, or may be in conflict with our clients’ best interest. We have neither soft dollar relations nor in-house products with money managers that might influence us. Our interests are aligned with those of our clients. In addition, the fact that we do not act as custodian for any client assets allows us to remain independent and offer you unbiased solutions; we see our role as stewards of wealth rather than as sales people.


We respect your right to privacy. Many of our clients have friends and additional family members that are also our clients. We take the greatest care in not allowing these lines to get crossed.

Professional Development

You can be confident that we are always seeking to improve our knowledge in this industry. Our process is transparent – no hidden fees, no hidden relationships, no corporate biases. We have distinguished ourselves by providing exemplary levels of personalized service.

Comprehensive Services

We provide an array of financial services throughout all the various financial changes in your life, such as a new job or new addition to your family. We strategically align with specialists in our industry to work as a team to determine your goals and establish a plan.


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